The Indian boutique sells the group's products and interiors located elsewhere in India. LAVANDOU in the VAR, 16 avenue des ilaires - 83980 LE LAVANDOU, since May 2001.

Our business: importer of Indian furniture and products, only handicrafts from India
We import mainly furnishing products and decorative objects from North Indian crafts. However, some of our Indian products also come from Kerala (textiles), Kashmir and Gujarat.

We offer you a wide choice of Indian decorative items and furniture, old and new, exclusive. Our products bear the mark of authenticity; they are made by hand, inspired by traditional Indian techniques. 80% of our Indian furniture are UNIQUE pieces, we certify it.

For the ranges of new Indian furniture and textiles, the variations in colors, patterns and sizes due to the artisanal nature of the production are part of the charm and uniqueness of our products.
Our objective is to guarantee you products made by our Indian suppliers using the best treatments and which ensure a drying of great precision in order to alleviate any future inconveniences.

We ensure on site that decent working conditions are respected. work of craftsmen, as well as the absence of child labor.

We select on site each piece of furniture, decorative object and textile several times a year during our various stays in India.

Valérie and Jean-philippe RABIER

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