All card payments made on the site are secure, they pass directly through SYSTEMPAY of the Caisses d'Epargne or PayPal.

What is secure payment?

Secure payment means that transactions carried out on the Internet are protected against unauthorized interception and against fraudulent modification of the original data.

Your banking information (card number, validity, cryptogram) is encrypted before being sent to the payment server. They cannot therefore be intercepted or used by a third party: the security and confidentiality of the data is guaranteed.

Secure payment by bank cards

Secure payment by card

Transactions made on this site are secured by the savings bank payment system: SYSTEMPAY Payment. When you enter your bank details, you are directly linked to the payment server of the savings banks. The merchant therefore does not know your bank card number and it is not stored on his server. In addition, all information exchanged with savings banks is encrypted using the SSL protocol and cannot be intercepted or modified. With SPPLUS Payment, you have the guarantee that the merchant with whom you are in contact is well referenced with the savings banks to collect transactions on the Internet. At the end of the transaction, and before returning to the merchant's site, SYSTEMPAY Payment presents you with an electronic ticket, containing all the elements of the payment and the result of the bank authorization request (transaction accepted or cancelled).

For more information, you can consult the website: https ://

Payment secured by PAYPAL

How does payment work?

  1. You place an order on our site and validate your order.
  2. After validation of your order, we will send you a "PayPal" payment slip. The latter asks you to complete a form to validate your transaction (credit card number, card validity, security code).
  3. Paypal queries your bank to validate the data you have transmitted (existence and validity of the card, creditworthiness of the bearer) to obtain payment authorization.
  4. Your bank transmits the authorization or refusal of the payment and informs you.

You can also pay directly by Paypal, either from an account you have or using your credit card. payment without having a Paypal account.

Secure data management: interiors from elsewhere has no knowledge of your bank details. These are only transmitted to the PayPal secure server. The payment server uses SIPS (Secure Internet Processing Services) technology and an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to guarantee the confidentiality of data and transactions.

Payment by bank transfer

You can pay by bank transfer. Simply follow the payment procedure on the site, we will provide you with our bank details.

Payment by check

Payment by check is made exclusively in euros.
All you need to do is send your check(s) (for payment in 3 instalments), (French bank check only) addressed to the following address:

Interieurs d'Ailleurs 16 Avenue des Ilaires 83980 LE LAVANDOU VAR

Make your check payable to "lesinterieurs d'ailleurs".

For payment in 3 instalments, the first check is cashed as soon as your package is sent, the second one month later and so on...

In case of non receipt of the check within 7 days from the validation of the order by the buyer, the order will be considered canceled.